New report: Response to change - How small voluntary organisations are using tech

New report exploring how several SVOs embraced new digital tools and approaches during the pandemic

Before the pandemic hit, we were working with the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) to understand how small voluntary organisations (SVOs) were using tech, as a follow-up to our joint Start Somewhere study

But what began as a piece of research about ‘the use of tech’ has evolved into a study of how several SVOs responded to change during the pandemic, embracing new digital tools and approaches. 

The resulting report, 'Response to change: How small voluntary organisations are using tech', includes pertinent messages for both SVOs and funders thinking about tech’s role in the sector, and next steps for embedding it in approaches.

The report is profiled on IVAR’s website with additional tips and advice, stories of embracing digital and suggestions for how funders can support SVOs’ use of tech.

A word from the report’s authors

“We believe these granular insights into how small voluntary organisations have embraced digital tech over the last 18 months complement broader work around on how digital tools and approaches are used by the sector. We hope this supports both voluntary organisations’ and funders’ thinking about the role of tech – for their own organisations and the sector as a whole.” - Annie Caffyn, Researcher at IVAR and Ellie Hale, Catalyst Producer at CAST

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