Through bringing together funders of all sizes, we’re collectively working to identify the greatest opportunities and challenges of using AI - within Trusts and Foundations’ own practices; within civil society organisations, and the role of the sector in ensuring inclusive and just impact of AI on society.

The group will collectively discuss and determine which of the highest change areas need priority action - and will work together to shape recommendations, solutions and plans of action. The group will also share experiences of charities’ engagement with AI to date, with a view to helping grantees become more confident in using, or responding to the use of AI tools and approaches.

The group plans to meet every other month; the invitation is open to any UK funder, of any size, and spaces are not limited: more than one person per organisation is welcome to participate. The time commitment will be two hours every two months for an online Zoom meeting.

Dates and times for these meetings will be scheduled collaboratively with the group well in advance. Activity between meetings is still to be decided - and again, the nature of this and any platforms and tools for communication and collaboration will be discussed and agreed upon as a group.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 20th June, from 1pm to 3pm. Please contact [email protected] to join this session. Participation is free.