CAST's year in numbers

The diagram on the Impact page shows an infographic of CAST's impact data between July 2022 and July July 2023 highlighting the following information:

  • Cast have delivered 11 programmes and services, supporting 1014 individuals across 494 charities and social impact organisations.
  • Participants on our digital capability programmes:
    • 95% learnt user-led design methods
    • 87% improved their digital and design skills
    • 61% gained useful contacts across the digital sector
    • 85% felt more confident using digital tools
    • 65% felt more confident supporting others in their organisation with digital practice.
  • CAST were also the proud winners of the Founders Award at the Digital Leader's Impact Awards this year.

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change diagram on the Impact page shows:

  • CAST delivers network building, digital capability programmes, digital resources and tech consultancy and training.
  • As a result social impact organisations develop the skills, relationships, knowledge and confidence to apply digital ways of working.
  • This results in community and sector-owned technologies being created and influenced by social impact organisations. These are open and sustainable across civil society.
  • Social impact organisations are therefore better able to influence change within and beyond their organisations and sector.
  • The overall impact of this is that social impact organisations can better respond to the needs of the communities they serve by applying the digital knowledge and skills to their services, strategy and governance. By leveraging their experience to influence change in and beyond their sector, they can help create a fairer and more equal society.