As a team, we are driven by our mission to support social impact organisations to achieve their objectives, by harnessing the power of digital, data and design. We take test-driven, user-led approaches to creating value, and we share our methods, insights and impact throughout. We are united and guided by a clear set of principles and values.

Image of CAST Director Dan Sutch

Dan Sutch

Image showing CAST staff member David Scurr

David Scurr
Programme and Partnerships Lead

Image showing CAST staff member Ellen Smyth

Ellen Smyth
Programme Lead

Image showing CAST staff member Jackie Brennan

Jackie Brennan
Project Manager

Image showing CAST staff member Joyce Borgs

Joyce Borgs
Head of Digital Learning and Transformation

Image showing CAST staff member Rajwinder K. Cheema

Rajwinder K. Cheema
Programme Lead

Image showing CAST staff member Sam Sparrow

Sam Sparrow
Head of Team

Image showing CAST staff member Sonya Hayden

Sonya Hayden
Senior Content and Communications Manager

Image showing CAST staff member Steve Ketteringham

Steve Ketteringham
Head of Finance

Image showing CAST staff member Tori Ellaway

Tori Ellaway
Head of Digital Practice

The Board


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Catalyst is a network of nonprofits, digital support partners and funders working to collectively realise a digitally enabled and resilient social sector. Catalyst was initiated - and remains incubated - by CAST.

Catalyst's services, communities and infrastructures - led by partners from contributing organisations - support thousands of nonprofits, digital experts and funders. Find out more about Catalyst’s full suite of services here.

CAST has continued to incubate Catalyst, whilst also contributing to a number of well-established initiatives, including Coffee Connections, Design Hops, Shared Digital Guides and the Digital Leads Network - as well as on emerging and evolving pieces of advocacy and sector support work such as the Open IP for funders and Digital foundations initiatives.

The Catalyst team, in collaboration with members of the network and the CAST board, is currently leading a strategic review of Catalyst’s future role in the sector. An initial proposal for Catalyst’s future will be presented to the CAST board in September 2023, and a final decision is expected to be made by the end of the year.