Programmes for Nonprofits

We help nonprofits realise the opportunities and implications of technology, so that they can continue to champion and support the most vulnerable.

Resources & Open Programmes

Programmes that are open to join or apply to.

Design Hops

A free course to learn step-by-step methods for designing your charity’s online services.

Coffee Connections

Meet new people in the charity sector and learn about how they're using digital

Private Programmes

Programmes we're currently running, but which are now closed to new applicants.

Tech for Good Build 2021

A £1m digital development fund from Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, with support delivered by CAST.

COVID-19 Digital Response

A £5 million National Lottery programme delivered by CAST to address urgent issues which affect the most vulnerable.


Early stage digital funding and tailored support over 12 weeks to help charities explore digital service delivery challenges and prototype solutions. If you're enrolled in Explore, visit

Past Programmes

Programmes we've run previously.

Collaborative Digital Training

A six-week programme to learn a collaborative approach to developing digital services.

Tech for Good

A nine month programme supporting nine charities using tech for social good, funded by Comic Relief and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Tech vs Abuse

A twelve month programme supporting charities funded by Comic Relief, Emsée Fairbairn, and the Clothworkers Foundation to develop digital products and services to tackle issues around domestic violence and abuse.

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