A programme of support and training to help community businesses to develop digital products and services using user-centred design processes.

Working in partnership with Power to Change, Community Explore is a structured programme to support community businesses to use trusted tools and processes like user research, stakeholder engagement, idea generation and prototyping to test solution ideas.

Community Explore is available for all community businesses funded through Power to Change’s Discovery programme, and has been designed to provide specific and tailored support to these teams.

Participants will leave with new insights and understanding of their challenges and users and the validity of their digital solution ideas - all designed to support teams as they progress in their development of Community Tech.

How does it work?

The design of Community Explore will change as we learn more about the needs and interests of those on the Discovery programme, but a broad overview is below.

An overview of the Community Explore programme

For more information about Community Explore, please contact [email protected].