This is a living library of resources that we hope will support you as you explore the challenges and opportunities associated with AI. We’ll add to this section regularly; if there is anything you would particularly like to see added, or anything you need support with, please contact us at [email protected] - thank you!

Support offered by CAST:

Safe experiments with AI
We're currently supporting a number of organisations to safely experiment with AI, either through internal peer groups or working with specific teams. If you're interested in this support please contact [email protected].

AI for Digital Leads Peer Group
The Digital Leads Network is a vibrant community of over 70 members, dedicated to sharing knowledge, fostering best practice and peer-to-peer learning in the UK charity sector. The network offers a range of resources and learning opportunities, including access to a new AI Peer group, bringing digital leads together to explore the opportunities and challenges of AI across the sector. The network is free to join; if you are interested in becoming involved, please fill out the expression of interest form.

AI for Grantmakers - peer group
An opportunity for funders of all sizes to come together and explore the opportunities and challenges of AI. The group - which consists of more than 60 Trusts and Foundations - is open to all UK funders, of any size. Find out more at the AI for Grantmakers page - and contact CAST’s Director Dan Sutch at [email protected] to join the next session.

Blogs and reflections
Check out our latest content on AI:

Shared Digital Guides
Our Shared Digital Guides platform contains step-by-step Guides to handy ways of using digital tools, written by charities, for charities. There are 77 Guides, covering a wide range of topics; take a look at the AI Guides as below:

AI experimentation canvas
We’ve developed a simple AI experimentation canvas, which helps us think through any use of GenAI. As the test or practice becomes bigger, we might use a more detailed version to document and think through the approach. Download the canvas for yourself: we’ve got a Miro version that is easy to edit, and printable versions if Post-its and Sharpies are your style.

AI perspectives visual
We've been using a new diagram as a basis for contextualising the different perspectives at play when thinking - and talking - about Generative AI (GenAI). Incorporating four key elements - Efficiencies within existing workflows; New processes & ways of working; Changes to mission and Context change - we have found that the diagram can be useful when starting or guiding discussions around the full scale of opportunities and challenges presented by GenAI. Take a look at Dan Sutch's blog for more information and the full AI perspectives visual.

Other resources that we recommend:

Organisations working in the AI / charity sector space: