About CAST

We're a charity on a mission to create a more responsive, resilient and digitally-enabled social sector.

We're helping organisations use digital for good

We want to create a more responsive, resilient and digitally-enabled social sector.

We're working to achieve this by supporting nonprofits to embed digital and design across their services, strategy and governance and working with sector leaders, funders and government to make this happen.

We are a trusted partner and adviser to the sector. Using a blend of research, systems and design-led approaches, we help build organisations, products, and services that are responsive and resilient to ongoing social, economic and technological change.

“In my experience, you can approach CAST with high expectations, and have them comfortably exceeded. They are a team who deliver. I like working with CAST as they combine real digital expertise with an understanding of the dynamics of the social sector. I'd recommend them for anyone who wants to put technology and users at the heart of their work, and to see results quickly”

Kieron Boyle, CEO of Guy's & St Thomas' Charity

We are the incubator and a proud member of Catalyst, an alliance of civil society organisations, funders, and digital agencies.

Our most recent annual report can be found here.

How we work

We are a networked organisation

We have a small core team with a big network across the UK. We draw in expertise as and when it’s needed, and work with amazing partners to achieve a greater impact.

We are a learning organisation

We practise what we preach. We continually assess and refine our own approaches, sharing our learnings and also building on the work of others.

We work with social sector organisations

We’re a charity ourselves, and we want to empower others with the skills and confidence to lead effective change in a digital world. So we design with, not for them.

We believe technology has the power to transform

Digital technology can help revolutionise how we address complex social challenges. But to achieve this, the social sector must respond to the changing digital context, behaviours and expectations of those it seeks to support.

We’ve outlined six underlying conditions that can allow us to harness the transformative power of technology to drive positive social change, these are our six tenets of tech for good.

Read our blog post on the 'Six Tenets of Tech for Good'

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