How does CAST use AI?

CAST works to accelerate the agency, presence and influence of social impact organisations in the technologies that affect us all. As such, we have a particular focus on emergent technology such as AI. We seek to remove barriers, create opportunities and develop practical resources that enable the sector to experiment confidently - and ultimately harness the full potential of AI for positive social change.

Our use of AI within CAST is guided by our core values. As a team, we support each other to explore new AI tools - and new ways of using existing AI tools - in a safe way, and within all legal and regulatory guidelines - but also with confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm, and always with the driving principle of experimentation at the core.

We use a range of tools including Chat GPT, Fathom, Notion AI and Miro Assist. As with any tool we use at CAST, all data associated with AI tools is processed in line with data protection legislation. We share our learning via regular blogs on Medium, as well as via talks at events for both funder and charity sector audiences. We include an AI transparency statement at the end of our articles, to show whether - and how - AI has been used in generating and / or editing the content.

We are constantly sensing - and responding to - the needs of social impact organisations and funders, through interventions such as our sector-wide AI survey, and our funder and digital lead peer groups. We have created a living library of AI support resources, which we update regularly. We are always open to hearing about social impact organisations’ and funders’ needs with regards to AI - as well as any opportunities for collaboration on tools, events or resources - please get in touch at [email protected].