COVID-19 Digital Response

A £5 million National Lottery programme delivered by CAST to address urgent issues which affect the most vulnerable.

We're helping charities develop solutions to their data, design and digital challenges to delivering essential services, so that they can better support people and communities affected by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Digital Response is being delivered by CAST on behalf of the Catalyst network, and is being funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. It will help address urgent issues which affect the most vulnerable.

It consists of several programmes, including:

Discovery - supporting charities to identify the needs and behaviours of their community, and how digital, data and design can best support them. Applications close 20th September 2020.

Development - supporting charities to build on the learnings from discovery and develop a solution to the problem they've identified. Applications close 2nd November 2020.

Sector Challenges - supporting groups of charities with shared challenges to produce something that works for all of them. Applications close 27th November 2020.

Around £1.75 million will be made available in direct grants to nonprofits. This fund is aimed at enabling networks of charitable organisations to develop their digital, data or design approach so that they can better support vulnerable people and communities affected by COVID-19.

In addition to these grants, the funding will cover around £3.2 million of expert support, which will be provided to organisations along with tools and freely available shared learning resources.

Charities and Social Enterprises

If you are a charity or social enterprise you will find more details, including the eligibility criteria, what the funding covers and the application process on the Catalyst website here.

Digital Agencies

If you are a digital agency working you will find more details, including the briefs describing the digital support services we require, and details on how to apply to provide these services to the above grant funded charities/social enterprises please go to the Open Projects page on the Catalyst website.

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